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Modern Touch
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What’s more intriguing than finding the perfect outfit for an occasion? Picking the ideal jewelry to go along with it!

Jewelry is more than an accessory, it is the staple of the ensemble! Whether choosing simple everyday pieces or sparkling exquisite designs, jewelry can elevate every look. One way to style your jewelry and add a modern touch to your attires is by incorporating shining jewelry of silver color.

Silver color may be a neutral complementary color, but it is considered to be ideal for many stylish combinations, as it can be perfectly matched with different color palettes.

White Gold, Platinum & Sterling Silver

Although white gold, platinum and silver look similar, these three metals are quite different regarding their durability, cost, maintenance, and subtleties in their color. 

White Gold may have a mirror-like white appearance similar to silver, but it is not a pure white metal. It is a combination of metals that give jewelry their white color and add an extra shine.

Platinum is naturally white in color without being mixed with alloys and much rarer than white gold. Although it is a pure metal, it is bendable enough and thus it is susceptible to scratching over time.

Sterling Silver, on the other hand, is pure silver that is usually mixed with copper to make jewelry. It has a shiny white look like white gold, although it needs polishing more frequently.

Get creative and feel free to experiment! 

White Gold
The Cuff Bracelets

Styling white gold can be a pleasure, due to its neutral hue and brilliant shine. In addition, white gold allows you to be bolder with your styling choices, as it lets you experiment with a variety of attires in different textiles and colors.

Countless Options

White gold cuff bracelets are an excellent choice to add a fashionable twist even to a plain outfit. Clean and simple designs are great for your everyday outfits because you can easily transform them into a very modern look.


Delicate, minimal or bold designs, the choices may be countless. Choose the one that suits perfectly your style and taste to express your unique personality.

Give a twist to your ordinary look by adding a delicate or bold cuff bracelet of silver color.

Create a Focal Point
The Charm Diamond Necklace

Dressing in dark, monochrome or neutral colors offers a subtle palette that contrasts with beautiful jewelry in silver hues.

Do you want to wear an exquisite Charm Diamond Necklace that will be in the spotlight? Let this statement piece be the focal point of your look and keep everything else simple and minimal.

Think in terms of contrast. Dark shades and minimal prints provide the ideal background for your jewelry in silver color to stand out.

Make your Statement
The Rings

Are you having a special occasion and you wish to make a style statement? In that case, you definitely have to consider a Statement Ring of enchanting design to complete your look.


For example, if you want to elevate a simple monochrome outfit, you can create visual interest and add a pop of color with a white gold ring adorned with a gemstone of a deep blue hue. Rings with blue gemstones like sapphire or tanzanite not only seem classy, but will also add a royal touch to your look.

Spread the Sparkle

Even more minimal designs set in white gold will effortlessly enhance your look, as they will highlight the color palette and elegance of your outfit. After all, the timeless sparkle of diamonds guarantees an irresistibly charming outcome.

Seal with a Kiss

On the other hand, if you love a more modern and fun style, then you definitely have to try more provocative designs like the silver Hotlips rings by Solange Azagury-Partridge. Uplift your spirit and let your ring do the talking.

Always remember that style is a reflection of your unique spirit and personality.

Do it with Style
The Cufflinks

Details make the difference. For gentlemen with impeccable style, cufflinks are the ultimate choice. Silver cufflinks are a classy touch to a man's attire that offer a timeless and sophisticated appearance.

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