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Turquoise Seduction
The Turquoise Edit

Turquoise, the desirable gemstone! Among different cultures, beautiful turquoise has been cherished for centuries as a symbol of wisdom, power, and protection.

It is one of the most ancient gemstones. According to the archaeologists, turquoise jewelry and ornaments adorned the ancient Egyptian rulers over 6.000 years ago. Civilizations like the ancient Chinese and the Persians were enchanted by the special nature of this gemstone, while the Native American tribes in the southwestern US used it also in their jewelry and amulets.

The French expression “pierre turquois” which means “Turkish stone” is believed to have named the famous gemstone. This name reflects the fact that traders brought turquoise gemstones to Europe from Persia, travelling through the Middle East. This led to the misconception that the stones actually originated from Turkey, despite their Persian origin.

 "Turquoise is considered a gemstone that provides protection from evil, health and good fortune"

Turquoise is an opaque gemstone like no other. It may differ from the other shimmering and transparent colored gemstones like sapphire, emerald and ruby, but its unique and unsurpassed color captivates the senses. Its color can range from green hues to a bright, medium-toned, sky blue, which is the most desired.

Nishapur, a district of Iran, which formerly named Persia was the traditional source of this particular sky blue hue, also known as robin’s egg blue. That’s why, many people refer to this hue as “Persian Blue” even if it was not actually mined in Iran.

"Turquoise is highly valued for its combination of ancient heritage and unsurpassed color"

The Hoops
Turquoise Earrings

Turquoise is one of the most beloved blue gemstones. Its charming nature and vivid color has inspired many designers to create elegant jewelry to accompany any occasion.


Shimmering diamonds meet beautiful turquoise beads to give a modern twist to a vintage classy design. A pair of diamond turquoise hoops is a must have piece that elevates every outfit.

Chandelier or Dangle Earrings

When radiant diamonds embrace vivid turquoise gemstones, the outcome is breathtaking. If you want to make your fashion statement, then you have to consider a pair of exquisite chandelier or dangle turquoise diamond earrings for a look to be remembered.

Starfish Earrings

Add a touch of “summer” to your attire. Create a heavenly look with a pair of Diamond Turquoise Starfish Earrings, designed for an elegant woman with a summer soul.

"Turquoise is the only gemstone to have an exclusive color named after it"

Turquoise Necklace

An elegant Gold Turquoise Diamond Necklace is ideal to wear either with a simple white blouse or with your favorite evening dress. 

Add a pop of color to your life!

"Turquoise is the stone for the 11th wedding anniversary"

The Cocktail Ring
Turquoise Rings

Be daring, bold and impressive with a statement making cocktail ring that expresses your dynamic spirit.


Brilliant cut diamonds accompany the turquoise gemstone in this bold design, reflecting both strong and feminine aspects of a woman’s personality. This piece cannot pass unnoticed!

The Statement Ring

Southwestern Native American tribes cherished turquoise and used it to adorn their jewelry or arrows as a talisman. Over the years, they mastered the art of creating turquoise jewelry, and their style has become famous throughout the world.


Embrace your wild spirit and choose a contemporary ring that combines a special design with the delicate nature of turquoise gemstone and the shimmer of diamonds.

"Turquoise is the birthstone for the month of December."

Turquoise requires special care, as it can become discolored and even potentially damaged.

Household cleaners, chemicals and mild soap can damage the gemstone.

You should avoid:

Applying cosmetics, perfumes and sprays on the turquoise jewelry

Exposing turquoise pieces to extreme temperatures and direct sunlight 

Submerging turquoise pieces in water. If this occurs, dry it using a soft fabric

To prevent scratches:

Store turquoise jewelry separate from other harder gemstones.

Clean turquoise jewelry:

Using a soft brush and water. Afterwards, dry it gently with a soft cloth.


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