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Vibrant Tropical Corals
The Corals Edit

Coral, a priceless gift of nature! Among the wide range of gemstones with the breathtaking diamonds, the seductive sapphires and the enchanting emeralds, it is the pure elegance of corals that lures a woman’s heart.

Unlike most other gemstones of mineral origin, coral is an organic gemstone, formed from a living organism. Most corals are white, but there are corals in several other colors, including the rarer black tones and the beautiful pink-orange to red hues, which are used in jewelry. The red coral, also known as precious coral is the most desired of all!

Find the Coral Jewelry that suits you the most and be always in style!

Corals are more than reflections of tropical sceneries, blue seas and exotic fish. Since antiquity, Mediterranean populations have used them in many ways not only decoratively but also spiritually, and in medicine as coral was believed to be a protective stone.

Over the years corals have been used to make beautiful jewelry as they are soft, easy to work with, gemstones. Today, they are famous for their beautiful warm hues and smooth, satiny texture.


"Corals can be found in a range of colors, not only pink-orange and red, but also white and even black."

Chic & Elegant
The Coral Earrings

Corals are stunning and when they are combined with other gemstones, exquisite pieces of jewelry are created to become the perfect addition to your jewelry box.

Elegance is in the details and a pair of classy Coral Diamond Dangle Earrings completes gracefully a beautiful woman’s outfit.

Lustrous Daydream!

Summer nights are meant to be remembered. Create the most vibrant look with a pair of Coral & Topaz Dangle Earrings and uplift your day to night outfit.

"Coral Jewelry completes gracefully any outfit adding a touch of color!"

The Coral Necklaces

The Coral Touch you are looking for!

A Coral Statement Necklace can elevate any outfit, casual or formal by adding a pop of color. Choose a Coral Diamond Bead Necklace or a Long Coral Diamond Necklace to combine with your favorite attire and stand out.

"Coral is famous for its beautiful warm hues and smooth, satiny texture"

The Bold Ring
The Coral Rings

When opaque coral meets brilliant diamonds in unconventional designs, the outcome is outstanding and ideal for an avant-garde personality. Extravagant, yet elegant, a Coral Diamond Statement Ring will be the ultimate touch for an outfit to be remembered.

The Cocktail Ring

Always there to impress! The beautiful warm color of a coral attracts attention and catches every eye, especially when it is surrounded by shimmering diamonds and other vibrant gemstones. Choose a special Coral Cocktail Ring and give a twist to your night outfit.

"Coral Jewelry can be the delicate addition to your jewelry box!"

Care Tips

Coral is very sensitive and requires special care, as it scratches and abrades easily.

Household cleaners and chemicals like chlorine, alcohol and ammonia can damage the gemstone.

You should avoid:

Applying cosmetics, perfumes and sprays on the coral jewelry

Exposing coral pieces to extreme temperatures and direct sunlight 

To prevent scratches:

Avoid wearing your coral jewelry in close contact with other jewelry

Store them in a fabric/cloth bag separate from other gemstone

Clean coral jewelry:

Wiping it gently with a soft, damp cloth.

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