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Over the Rainbow
The Rainbow Edit

Rainbow, the beautiful, arc-shaped, multi-colored natural phenomenon! This spectrum of light is caused when the sun rays are refracted by water droplets into an array of brilliant colors. The Rainbow often appears after a rainfall and that’s why it is commonly known as a symbol of hope in many cultures. More specifically, it is thought to bring good luck and it motivates people to continue and endure through dark times, as the light can be spread in a colorful arc after a rainstorm.

Its wide range of colors, along with the symbolism behind, inspired the creation of gorgeous rainbow-hued jewelry, joyful and elegant to wear from day to night. They come in all kinds of jewelry – earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets and they are adorned with multi-colored gemstones that give a twist to classic designs.

Find the perfect Rainbow Jewelry and brighten up your summer outfits!

The Rainbow Stack

Who can resist to a variety of radiant and colorful gemstones? Create the perfect bracelet or ring stack to impress with your summer appeal. Are you wondering how you can make it? You can start by pairing your timeless diamond tennis bracelets with rainbow ones to brighten up your jewelry style. There is a certain elegance to these pieces that allows you to wear them every day without being extravagant.

"Classic Gold and Diamond Jewelry are considered to be essential, but Rainbow Jewelry can be the joyful addition to your collection"

The Rainbow Bracelet

A rainbow bracelet is always a good idea! Because of its plethora of colors, a rainbow bracelet will be perfect for every occasion, as it matches every outfit. Its timeless design, along with the mix of different colors and gemstones will give a fresh and modern touch to your wardrobe. Choose you favorite one to wear it alone or to combine it with other bracelets and add sparkle to your day to night attire.

"Rainbow Jewelry is delicate, yet impressive"

Vivid and Colorful
The Rainbow Rings

Vivid, colorful and full of joy, these rainbow rings will catch every eye! Welcome summer with a spectrum of shades and colors. Even if you are used to minimal lines and more neutral hues, you can still try Rainbow Jewelry, as the most chic way to incorporate color into your outfit is with your jewelry.

Funky and Provocative

On the other hand, if you love a more modern and fun style, then you definitely have to try the rainbow rings by Solange Azagury-Partridge. Uplift your spirit and create the perfect mix and match daily ring stack.

"Rainbow is often thought to symbolize community and equality, as it combines all of visible colors of light into a union"

Playful and Fashionable
The Rainbow Earrings

Wear the colors of the rainbow and make your look colorful with the Rainbow Titanium Diamond Earrings from the Anastasia Kessaris Metallika Collection. Made of multi-colored titanium and decorated with brilliant-cut diamonds, this pair of earrings cannot pass unnoticed. 

They are ideal to accompany either your beach look or your evening outfit while you are strolling around the alleys of a Greek island. Enjoy happy hour drinks with these Rainbow Earrings and prepare to stand out.

Discover our Rainbow Collection in store and welcome summer in color!

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