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Love and Passion
The Ruby Edit

Ruby, the desirable gemstone, synonym to Love and Passion! Famously known for its bright red color, Ruby has been the most famed and legendary gemstone since ever. Its hardness, durability, luster, and rarity made Ruby one of the most significant colored stones, valued by cultures around the world from ancient times through modern days.

The name Ruby derives from the Latin word “ruber”, which means “red”, the color of our most intense emotions - Love, Passion, and Anger. Early cultures treasured it for its similarity to the red color of the blood, and believed that it held the power of life, as did the blood that flowed through veins. That’s why Ruby Jewelry is considered so vivid and seductive!

Find the Ruby Jewelry that suits you the most and radiate your inner flame!

Ruby Diamond Earrings

When sensational rubies meet shimmering diamonds, their union is breathtaking. There is nothing more elegant for a beautiful classy woman than a pair of radiant ruby diamond earrings to complete gracefully her look. You can choose either flower or delicate bow designs to wear them from day to night.

"Rubies are red! They symbolize courage, life force, love and passion"

The Bold Ring
Ruby Rings

Ruby is one of the most powerful red stones which promote high self-esteem, intuition, and spiritual wisdom. If you are looking for something special, how about considering this Statement Ring in 18K white gold, adorned with deep red rubies and brilliant diamonds? The encounter of these particular gemstones in this bold design embodies both strong and feminine aspects of a woman’s personality. This is a piece that cannot pass unnoticed!

The Eternity Band
Ruby Rings

Ruby is also a symbol of good fortune, pure love, and loyalty. If you prefer clean-cut lines and timeless beauty, then the ruby eternity band is perfect for you. Choose a Ruby Ring set in 18K white gold featuring an endless circle of breathtaking red rubies nesting in rows of golden hearts to express your deepest emotions.



"The value of a Ruby is significantly affected by its color. The finest Ruby has a pure, vibrant red color"

The "Love" Necklace
Ruby Heart Necklace

Desire for ruby is just as great today as it always has been. As a symbol of passion, ruby makes an ideal romantic gift. Who can resist to the vivid red hue of a ruby heart? After all Love makes the world go round!

"Transparent Rubies are extremely rare and expensive"

I want them All!
The Ruby Stack

When in doubt, choose them all!

Surrender to radiant gemstones and create eclectic bracelet and ring stacks as unique as you are! Combine timeless tennis bracelets with exceptional rings to make your statement. Impress everyone with your impeccable style and captivating Ruby Jewelry!

Discover our romantic Ruby Jewelry Collection online & in store and indulge in its timeless beauty!

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