Our Team

The Core


Each of our stores is designed with passion and respect to its location and history. However, our most important investment is our people.

Our experienced sales associates will carefully consider your needs to offer you the best possible guidance for your ideal ROLEX watch.

They will create the perfect ambience for a unique and productive experience from the minute you enter the store, to the moment you get the watch of your dreams.



In November 2000, Vassilis Kessaris took over of the newly founded and innovative specialized watch store ORA Kessaris in the heart of Athens. His aim has always been to serve the most demanding customers with watches from the world’s most prestigious brands; a procedure that, most of the times, leads to lifelong relationships based on trust and respect. In that context, his collaboration with ROLEX has also proved to be a long-lasting asset.

With passion and admiration for ROLEX’s high-end quality, Vassilis Kessaris takes all the necessary actions to ensure a unique shopping experience for every customer and a high-level personalized service embodying in that way the brand’s values.


Our team consists of over 15 sales associates with extensive experience in the watch and the luxury industry in general. Being watch aficionados themselves, they have an inherent interest and love for watches which is further enhanced through continuous and specialized trainings. They are always delighted to welcome you to our stores and help you find the best ROLEX for you.


KESSARIS is proud to be part of the Worldwide Network of Official Rolex Retailers & of the Rolex Authorized Service Centers.

Book your appointment with one of our representatives and visit our stores to live an exquisite ROLEX experience. Our specialized team will be at your service to fulfill your needs and help you acquire the ROLEX model of your preference.