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Behind every U-Boat creation there is a story of inspiration and style. All U-Boat watches stand out because of the large crown on the left side of the watch case, and many of them as a result of their technical specifications, making them resistant to the most extreme climatic conditions. The distinguishing features common to all U-Boat collections are their quality, the materials selected, the craftsmanship involved in their construction and the "Made in Italy" factor. The majority of U-Boat pieces use advanced and unusual techniques and materials that interest their designer, Italo Fontana. Italo loves to try things out without being influenced by the market and has a perfect understanding of the meaning of innovation. The U-Boat watches have a prominent appearance that conveys a sense of discerning taste, confidence and power, in perfect harmony with the brand. Explore the collections Chimera, Classico, Capsoil, 1938 Doppiotempo, Precious and U-42.

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