The KESSARIS eShop can use cookies in order to provide visitors/customers with information, better services (order status, personal settings, etc.) and more efficient and direct order processing, to create personalized advertisements according to the interests and needs of the visitor / customer, as well as to compile anonymous reports and statistical analysis that contribute to the better understanding of the use of KESSARIS eShop and to its improvement.

Cookies are small alphanumeric files that are sent and stored on the computer of each visitor/customer, by saving settings and choices he/she has already made to the KESSARIS eShop so that they appear automatically during his/hers next visits to the KESSARIS eShop and facilitate the Company to better understand how he/she uses the KESSARIS eShop. It should be noted that cookies do not damage the visitor’s/customer's computer or the files stored on them.

The personal identity of the visitor cannot be directly verified through cookies. The visitor can disable the use of cookies. However, some features are only available through the use of cookies and disabling them may affect their availability.

The cookies we use are divided into two categories: Temporary "session" cookies and permanent "persistent" cookies.

Session cookies are temporarily stored as files on your computer but are automatically deleted when you close the browser or leave the website. They can also help us understand user’s movements on our site.

Persistent cookies are stored as files on your computer and remain there if you close the browser, unless you delete them. We do not use cookies to extract information about your traffic to other websites, or to verify personal information. Cookies do not corrupt or damage your computer, software or files.

Google's Web Analytics Cookies allow us to monitor customer interaction with the website. This gives us valuable information that allows us to improve the user experience. These cookies do not store personal information as other websites do and are based solely on browsing history.

Through the settings of your browser you can delete cookies that have already been saved at any time, prevent the installation of new cookies or ask to be asked every time a cookie is to be installed on your computer. For more information you can go to your browser’s help page.


The cookies we use are the following:

Strictly necessary: Absolutely necessary cookies that contribute to the proper operation of KESSARIS eShop and the execution of basic functions such as the use of a shopping cart, adding products to the wish list.

Functionality: cookies that help store and maintain the user's personal choices / settings such as user’s username, language or region, etc.

Use: cookies that contribute to the understanding of the use of KESSARIS eShop by visitors / customers, for example, which pages they visit most often, if they are new or old visitors, error pages, etc. These cookies may also be provided by third party web analytics providers such as Google Analytics in order to compile aggregate anonymous reports to improve the website. The usage information is retained for 14 months.

Advertising: cookies that help us to show you ads related to your interests, create targeted ads, measure and evaluate their effectiveness, remember your visit to KESSARIS eShop and other websites. This information can be used by other advertising channels of KESSARIS eShop but also for the evaluation and rewarding of external collaborators who promoted your visit to us.



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This depends on which cookies you have disabled, but generally the website may not work properly if all cookies are disabled. If you only disable third party cookies, you will be able to make purchases on our website.



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