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Dive into the Blue
The Sapphire Edit

Sapphires, the deep vivid royal blue gemstones! Although sapphires can come in a variety of colors, depending on the mineral content of the stone, they are famously known for their extraordinary blue hue! However, sapphires exist also as pink, purple, green, yellow, colorless, and black gems. The only color that sapphires do not come in is red, because we love Rubies as well!

Choose an elegant piece of jewelry adorned with sapphires and welcome summer in style!

Sapphire Tennis Bracelet

Tennis Bracelets are the most elegant choice for a woman with impeccable style who desires to highlight her feminine appeal. Especially when it comes to sapphires, the outcome is captivating. Choose bigger or smaller Sapphire Tennis Bracelets to wear them alone or in a hypnotic blue bracelet stack.

"Sapphire is second in popularity only to the diamond"

Sapphire Diamond Earrings

Is there anything more sensational than the encounter between vivid blue sapphires and brilliant diamonds? You can find the answer in this striking set of earrings, ideal for a confident woman with an avant-garde personality.

If you love unconventional designs and you want to make your style statement, let us present this remarkable pair of Sapphire Diamond Drop Earrings. Extravagant, yet elegant, this set of earrings will be the ultimate touch for an outfit to be remembered. 

Do you want to make an even more stong impression? Pair your set of earrings with this bold Sapphire Diamond Ring and catch every eye!

"Sapphires symbolize wisdom, virtue, trust and serenity"

Sapphire Diamond Necklace

The sapphire's deep blue, sparkling hue has been cherished since always. If you wear a necklace adorned with sapphires, it must be in contact with your skin and no fabric must be in-between, or it is said to affect the gemstone’s energy. Indulge in this mesmerizing Sapphire Diamond Necklace set in 18K white gold and dive into its blue depths.

Eternity Band
Sapphire Diamond Rings

There is nothing more classic and elegant than an eternity band, which symbolizes everlasting love and affection. This Sapphire Ring set in 18K white gold features an endless circle of breathtaking sapphires nesting in rows of golden hearts.

The Ring Stack
Sapphire Diamond Rings

A ring stack is always a good idea! If you are in doubt, then choose statement sapphire diamond rings and create a bold combination to stand out. Who can resist to the seduction of a sapphire embraced by diamonds?

Explore our Sapphire Jewelry Collection in store and Dive into the Blue!

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